Alpine Silk Manuka Honey Skincare Collection


Enriched with Evening Primose Oil & Rosehip Oil


Gently moisturise and nourish dry lips with our Soothing Lip Gel and ensure they stay soft. Manuka honey and vitamin E help prevent lips from chapping when exposed to the elements while the rosehip oil naturally restores moisture levels. Try with our Revitalising SPF30 Face Crème for a complete facial moisture and sun protection solution.

Key Benefits

  • Manuka honey stimulates the release of cytokines, which modulate immune responses that assist in the improving of scarring from sunburns.
  • Rosehip oil is perfect for skin as it soothes and conditions your lips and restores moisture levels.
  • Forms a protective barrier against the elements to help keep your lips looking and feeling beautiful.
  • Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant which helps protect the health of skin cells from the harmful effects of Ultra Violet light, toxins, pollution and environmental stress.
  • Water resistant.


Apply regularly to lips throughout the day

Available in: 9ml, 6-pk & 12-pk


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