The secret of Alpine Silk skincare was discovered in 1890 in one of the world’s most natural and unique environments – an isolated sheep station in Canterbury, New Zealand

Here, amongst the snow capped mountains and wild braided rivers, merino sheep grazed this place of wild beauty. Every year these sheep were mustered on horseback and driven down from the mountaintops to the homestead below where they were harmlessly hand shorn. The Alpine Silk secret began when it was discovered that the softest hands on the farm were those of the roughnecked shearers. Why was this?

All day the shearer’s hands were immersed in the sheep’s wool. This wool was heavy with nourishing Lanolin oil. As a result Margaret Johnstone, the owner’s wife, realised the natural skincare qualities of Lanolin and began to make her own Lanolin based soaps and skincare. Her secret was passed down through the generations and today Rick Hallifax, the great grandson, continues this tradition and the secret recipe with Alpine Silk skincare.

Modern science has now proven that Lanolin Oil is the closest oil produced by nature to our own skin’s oil. Please pamper yourself with our Alpine Silk skincare and enjoy beautiful, younger looking skin.

Great grandfather Thomas Johnstone
Helen Hallifax c.1935