New Zealand’s Rosehip History

Renowned for its regenerating properties, Rosehip Oil
has been used for thousands of years as a natural gateway to beautiful looking skin. Alpine Silk incorporates this unique ingredient to help regenerate, moisturise & restore your skin.


The Rosehip Oil used in Alpine Silk skincare is extracted in a sustainable manner directly from natural sources.


Wild Rosehip in New Zealand dates back to the gold rush days of 1860s Otago, New Zealand. Thousands of diggers rushed to ‘Gabriel’s Gully’ hoping to strike it rich, but a diet of flour and tea meant that many developed scurvy. To combat this they planted wild roses.

Rosehips are full of vitamin C and can be eaten from root to tip, so the miners made tea from the rosehips to treat respiratory ailments and boost their immune

systems, restoring their health.

Today wild roses are found all throughout Otago. The organic oil from the rosehip penetrates deep into the skin layers, stimulating the production of collagen, reducing the appearance of fine lines. The fruit also contains vitamin A, which improves the moisture content of the skin.



Alpine Silk Quality

Our cosmetics are produced under strict quality control conditions in a modern laboratory utilising the most sophisticated analytical techniques. This ensures we meet and exceed all New Zealand quality standards.


The Benefits of
Rosehip Oil


Rosehip Oil is naturally packed with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help promote skin regeneration and improve appearance.

“Rosehip Oil is effective in correcting dark spots, reducing scars and maintaining moisture. It absorbs quickly and is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin, due to its light and non-greasy consistency.

Rosehip Oil also helps combat UV damage from the sun.
The antioxidants in the fruit help to improve skin texture and tone and treat pigmentation.

The essential fatty acids in Rosehip Oil also prevent scarring and encourage skin regeneration for younger, healthy looking skin.

Loving your skin means using Rosehip Oil regularly. Packed full of the finest quality oil it will help improve the appearance of fine lines, stretch marks and scars.

With its excellent ability to moisturise and nourish even the driest of skin, Rosehip Oil will help you achieve a soft glowing skin.