Organic Lanolin

Alpine Silk is the first to process and source New Zealand Organic Lanolin.

Just as lanolin protects the sheep from the ravages of severe weather and climatic conditions, it has also been found to have an unequalled effect on the human skin. Essentially it protects and moisturises our skin in the same way.
It has been proven that the lanolin oil produced by sheep is the closest oil made by nature to the oil our skin produces.
Sheep are farmed in New Zealand and once or twice a year they are driven down from the mountains to the flat land around the homestead where the farmers live. They are then herded into the woolshed where shearers carefully shear them.


Everything put on the skin is absorbed. Our organic lanolin is both good for your skin and your health.

What we use on our skin, which is our largest organ, is as important to consider as the food we eat.

Organic is avoiding or excluding the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, antibiotics, growth promotants, genetic modification and irradiation.

Organic production sustains the health of the environment, ecosystem and people.

Organic production supports and looks after the welfare of animals.