19 Ways you can benefit from Organic Rosehip Oil

Alpine Silk was discovered in 1890 by Margaret Johnstone and remains a family-owned company that embraces the natural world’s greatest assets. We have developed pure skincare that captures all the natural regenerating, moisturising and, restorative qualities that our ingredients have to offer. We offer high quality, sustainable skincare made right here in New Zealand. Our certified organic Rosehip Oil is one of the greatest reflections of our mission to provide affordable high-quality products. Renowned for its regenerating properties, rosehip oil has been used for thousands of years as a natural gateway to beautiful looking and feeling skin. Our Rosehip Oil is 100% pure, natural and, full of skin-loving antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids. It’s perfect for keeping your skin in top condition during all seasons. Let the wild roses found throughout Otago promote your skins natural radiance in every application.


Alpine Silk Organic Rose hips

 Regenerate | Moisturise | Restore

1. Face Oil

Apply 2-3 Drops of Rosehip oil onto damp skin of the face and neck to repair skin and give it a healthy glow.

2. Scars

Apply 2-3 drops of Rosehip oil directly onto recent or old scars to improve both the colour and texture.

3. Massage Oil

Rosehip Oil is a great oil to use for a facial or body massage.

4. Cracked Heels

Apply 3-4 drops twice daily, rub in, and you will love the results.

5. Hair Serum

For dry hair and split ends. Apply a pea sized amount of the oil to the ends of wet clean hair and work through for smooth hair.

6. Mix with Foundation

Add a few drops of your Rosehip oil to your foundation for a dewy complexion.

7. Cradle Cap

Rosehip Oil can help with healing cradle cap.

8. Dry Elbows

Rosehip oil is a great treatment oil for applying to specifically dry areas of the body such as elbows.

9. Use it on your Pets

The oil can be applied to pets such as dogs and horses after surgeries to heal the skin.

10. Mix with Moisturiser

A couple of drops of oil can be added to any moisturiser for an extra dose of moisture and skin healing benefits.

11. Balance out Acne-Prone Skin

Rosehip Oil will help acne as it should bring natural oils back into balance and will also help heal any acne scarring.

12. Lip Oil

For extremely dry lips rosehip oil can be applied directly onto the lips as a luxurious hydrating treatment.

13. Hydrate Skin During a long Flight

Applying Rosehip Oil throughout the flight will assist in staying hydrated and healthy.

14. Hands

Apply Rosehip Oil onto hands for softer skin with fewer age spots.

15. Burns and Sunburn

Rosehip can help soothe burns. Apply a few drops to the problem area.

16. Nail & Cuticle Oil

Massage the oil into mails and cuticles to keep them nourished and to stimulate growth.

17. Eye Makeup Remover

The Oil can also be used as a gentle, non-irritating makeup remover around the eyes. Apply a few drops around the eye area and rub gently. Remove with a dry cotton pad.

18. Minimise Stretch Marks

Apply Rosehip Oil onto the belly to help hydrate the skin and minimise stretch marks throughout pregnancy.

19. Grazes and Cuts

A great skin healer for grazes and cuts. Apply topically to the problem area.

Alpine Silk Organic Rosehip Oil