Celebrating Success: Collagen Crème

We are thrilled to share the news that our renowned Collagen Crème has been awarded the prestigious 'Top Rated' status on Beauty Review. This marks our 6th product to receive this 'Top Rated' status by reviewers.

This recognition fills us with a lot of pride, not just for the accolade itself, but for what it represents - the culmination of our commitment to crafting high quality skincare products, deeply rooted in the essence of New Zealand's finest ingredients.

At the heart of our Collagen Crème lies a dedication to excellence. We've carefully formulated this product with the highest-quality ingredients, with a special focus on the natural benefits of lanolin oil. These components, combined with cutting-edge skincare technology, deliver an unparalleled experience that works wonders for your skin.

What some of the reviewers had to say:

Dream Crème

This is the best little pot of crème I have had for ages. Non greasy, smooth, silky and pleasing to use and such a delicate scent that doesn't linger for too long. I love a hand creme in a pot! Whilst I mainly use this for my hands, its also perfect for face, neck and shoulders. Its a perfect and delightfully all round solution for softening and moisturising skin. A beauty product made with good ingredients at a very reasonable price. Highly recommendable and I’ll be going back to their lovely website for more very soon.

Tips: Keep using it for softness and easy care for your skin.

Barbara B.


Super Hydrating

I received this product as part of the trial team. I was super interested as I’ve recently been learning about ingredients of cosmetics due to the course I study. Lanolin, collagen and vitamin E are all amazing ingredients for the skin. I have quite young skin so I’ve been using this cream at night because it is a bit heavy. I’ve found a little can go a long way but I also like to put a heavier layer on so when I wake up my skin is so soft. I really like the smell of this product too. I will continue to use this daily and I really like it.

Sophie G.

Beauty Review


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