The Magical Benefits of Bee venom: Everything You Need to Know 

Honey Bee Collecting nectar from Manuka flower

Bee Venom has a unique combination of anti-aging, anti-acne, repairing, and restorative effects, like no other natural ingredient. Here at Alpine Silk, we understand just how beneficial and magical bee venom can be and have created our Bee Venom line that harnesses these qualities without harming the bees nor enduring the pain of being stung by a bee.  

The idea behind using bee venom in skincare products is that it ‘fools’ the skin into thinking you’ve been stung. As a defence mechanism, your body starts to increase blood flow to the area, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.  

The increased collagen and elastin levels generate new skin cells which help to lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, ultimately having an anti-aging effect. 


Honey Bees In hive

How does this affect the bees?  

Bee Hives in New Zealand Landscape


When a bee normally stings a mammal (or us), its barbed stinger sticks into the skin and releases venom. Unfortunately, the stinger cannot be pulled back out, so it is torn from the bee and the bee dies as a result. But the bee venom collected for Alpine Silk is carried out humanely, protecting the bees and their lives.  


A pane of glass with a small electrical current running through it is placed near the hive. The electronic signal attracts the bees who then sting the glass, leaving venom behind. Thanks to the smooth glass, they don’t lose their barbed stinger or their lives. Then the bee Venom is collected off the panel of glass and mixed with other active ingredients. 



Let’s talk about the benefits a little more,  

Bee Venom increases collagen production

Cross section of skin layers

Bee Venom improves skin collagen levels in several different ways. The first is that it prevents the effect of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), a group of enzymes that break down proteins, such as collagen, that are normally found in the spaces between cells in tissues. So, less MMP action means firmer, younger-looking skin.  

 Bee Venom can also stimulate collagen production. Trials have found that it increases collagen protein synthesis, the process that creates collagen fibres by encouraging the growth of new skin cells. It also speeds up the recovery of damaged skin cells, generating even more skin cells. The combined effects add up to fewer fine lines and less-noticeable wrinkles. 


It can soothe acne-prone skin 

The active compound in bee venom is called melittin, which has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help reduce levels of acne bacteria on the skin and reduce the inflammation caused by acne.  


How bee venom in skincare can help eczema

Eczema is an inflammatory condition.  Due to Bee Venom’s anti-inflammatory properties, several studies have found that bee venom can reduce both the number and severity of dry skin patches but also reduce the itchiness associated with Eczema.  


How to use bee Venom cream

Using bee venom products are no different than using other skincare products.  

We always recommend doing a spot test on a small area of skin and leaving this for 24 hours to ensure that there is no irritation, or an adverse reaction occurs from its use, once you have allowed enough time and there has been no reaction, you can start to use the cream all over your face. 

After cleansing, simply apply a small amount of bee Venom cream or serum onto your face, neck, and neckline (while avoiding the eye area).  


Alpine Silk Bee Venom product range

Here at Alpine Silk, we have captured all these benefits and created a whole line of skincare products all containing bee venom to help protect your skin from environmental damage and maintain collagen levels. See our Bee Venom Collection Here. We look forward to hearing about all your skin results.  

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